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of silence, is PRAYER,

of prayer, is FAITH,

of faith, is LOVE,

of love, is SERVICE,

of service, is PEACE.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Words to the wise

Always keep in mind that you have absolutely no right to make known to others what you think about anybody, particularly their defects or problems. Once uttered, words cannot be recalled and the damage it done. Gossip is a form of character assassination. We know calumny is a malicious lie; slander, a debasing of the person; yet, the most common is detraction which is revealing a true fact but one that you have no right to share. Shattering a person’s reputation cries to heaven for vengeance.

Beware of launching into whatever is on your mind. Beware of curious prying. Instead, have a listening ear for the person as if no one else in the world exists. If you start to talk, particularly about a strongly held opinion, you might derail the opportunity and become ineffective. To argue or challenge in some cases cause damage. Instead, be prudent and use common sense. Make every effort to understand the person’s point of view. This engenders trust and permit the person to open up in a way that will make it possible for you to encourage them in following Christ Himself.

It is in our neighbor that God comes to us. Always deal with the person as you would deal with Christ. So, remember that the person you are dealing with has been sent to you by Christ and you are dealing with Christ in them, no matter how disfigured that image seems to you.
Do you recognize Christ in others? If not, why not?

Gift of God

One acknowledges God’s presence in another individual by treating that person with both justice and charity.

Each person’s dignity and greatness is derived from God who gives the soul its spiritual reality and who gives meaning to every person’s life.

Spiritual diet

Seven step diet:

1. See earthly goods as means instead of ends in themselves.

2. Detach yourself from having to have whatever you see.

3. Avoid being led by whims and giving in to false needs.

4. Do not make personal comfort a priority

5. Rid yourself of superfluous possessions.

6. Acquire what you need to meet your personal needs.

7. Share.

Your rights

Man has an inalienable God-granted right to acknowledge his Creator and worship Him.

Christ redeemed man, and man must never be denied the freedom God gave Him.

Depriving man of the right to freely worship God is the greatest act of violence that can be inflicted on him.

Hindrances are direct attacks on the dignity of man and deprive man of his self worth.

There is no way man can thrive if he is not permitted to worship, to give witness to God and His Word.

True freedom of spirit comes form accepting Christ and then being able to serve Him in a climate of religious freedom which is man’s inalienable right.

Sought, found

It is not through human reason that anyone comes to know supernatural truths.

A simple, uneducated person will grasp these truths more easily than an analytical intellectual.

Seekers of truth are seeking God even when they are unaware that they are doing so.

God called each one of us for some purpose. He also has others in mind, and He will give the called ones the necessary graces to respond.

We are sought

Our conscience is that little voice God implants into our soul to make us aware of what is right and what is wrong, It supports when they are moral. it “itches” when our acts are immoral, and tells us these acts are abnormal.

Although God’s image is imprinted in our soul, we do rebel against Him.

We know that Satan wanted to be like God; so did Adam and Eve; so do we at times.

We are fortunate that the Second Person of the Trinity took on our human nature to redeem us.

Only in Christianity do we have God coming to seek the lost. In all other religions, lost man has to seek God.

Soul contact

For early birds, the best time to pray is in the quiet hours of the early morning.

For night owls, it is during the silence of the night.

Whichever time suits you, do give an account of your spiritual condition to Christ who will help you when you open your heart to Him.

After seeking His forgiveness for your failures, then recall all the gifts He has given you and thank Him.

Do ask Him for more of His grace with confidence that He will grant this petition and say to Him: “Lord, you know me; let me know You more and more”.